ptfe-tubing ga 15x30cm

Šifra: 6287131*LLG
Proizvođač: LLG
Luer Lock Hub Tubing Assemblies, 1 Hub, 300 mm
Assemblies and Tubings
Hamilton Luer Lock tubing assemblies are ideal for quickly connecting and disconnecting components with male luer locks suitable for micro fluidic applications. Hamilton offers a wide varitey of chemically inert tubing assemblies for specific fluid applications. Different gauges, lengths, hub assemblies, and fittings are available according to standard or customer specification. To build your own assemblies, Hamilton offers fitting kits and tubings. Hamilton fittings and adapters are installed finger tight and provide leak tight seal rated to 0.6 MPa.

Hub Tubing Assemblies with 2 Hubs and further tubing lengths available on request.

The tubing is 300 mm in length but can be trimmed shorter to a desired length.
Manufacturer:Hamilton Central Europe SRL
Article description 1:PTFE-tubing GA 15x30cm
Article description 2:1x Luer F